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Main Profile



Aizawa, Aiza-wan,






Playing guitar, Annoying The Wife, Checking Huke's Pixiv every hour





Aizawa first stumbled across E-ShuuShuu after seeing a link to it on another image board. He lurked the site for a couple months so he could find pictures for his wife to draw. Aizawa was a moderator on another image board but has retired and has since become a regular member on E-ShuuShuu. He is mostly on when his adorable waifu isn't at home and has nothing better to do. Aizawa has an obsession with Huke and is seen using Black Rock Shooter as his avatar.

Real Life

Aizawa isn't really named Aizawa! His real name is Kyle Manson. Aizawa had met his wife when he was sixteen; they were once childhood friends. Their anniversary is April 7 and they have been married for almost two years. Aizawa also has children on the way. He doesn't spend to much time on Shuu because he is busy with his horri- err, interesting job.

Fun Facts

Aizawa was lazy and copied and pasted the template for this from Nine_Lives. No doubt he made many errors. Aizawa got his name from his wife's novel (Not published). The main character is a Mecha rabbit guy named Aizawa Avois. Aizawa tends to eat to much chocolate. Aizawa's biggest dreams are to be taller.