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Main Profile

Shy Guy.jpg




Shy-Shy Gamer Guy




Video Games, Anime & Manga, Drawing, Irish Fiddle, Fencing, Gardening / Landscaping


"When I have said something worth quoting, I will be sure to quote it."



Why Is He Even Here?

Artifex discovered E-ShuuShuu one day while searching for anime images through iqdb. Although only lurking a little at first, after spending some time on the site he began to greatly appreciate the atmosphere and people that E-Shuushuu had which other image boards did not. Soon, Artifex decided he wanted to join the E-Shuushuu community in all of their shenanigans and help contribute to the site, and so joined on July 19th, 2011.


Artifex is a low key sort of guy, does his best to be polite and helpful, is a bit of an airhead, is easily be worried and perhaps overly self-conscious, and can be rather shy and have trouble when it comes to striking up a conversation or meeting new people. So, if Artifex ever says or does something weird, awkward, offensive, or just plain stupid (which is pretty often he imagines), please go easy on him, because he's just trying his best to be social, humorous or helpful. Artifex always enjoys a good laugh, and tries to spread laughter to others. Whenever the opportunity for a joke or pun arises, his pun-ny instincts kick in and he takes the bait, for better or for worse.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Random Things

  • Artifex is child number four in a family of nine children, and he loves all of them dearly.
  • In the past Artifex used Data from Megaman Legends as his avatar because he likes the game, was born in the year of the monkey, and also sometimes feels that he acts like a stupid, silly monkey. Currently he uses Shy Guy from the Mario series because, well, he's just a shy guy.
  • Artifex has written several E-ChuuChuu 4komas on Shuu and hopes that everyone has enjoyed reading them as much as he has enjoyed making them.
  • He's always grateful no one has banned him from Shuu and run him out on a rail... yet.
  • Artifex is left handed and a redhead. He's so improbable!
  • As far as anime girl images go, in general Artifex likes those that are simple, peaceful, and have a subtle, sweet charm (e.g., #589933, #518504, #459367, #41845, etc.). Either that or images that are very comedic (#462357, #448588). He also has a strange liking for girls in sweaters. Go figure.
  • Artifex wishes and hopes that V_Phantom will one day return to E-Shuushuu.