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Main Profile





  • Seong Mi-na Witness (Former)
  • Keeper of the lol (Former)
  • Lord of the Neko Mimi maids (Current) (Due to the 30 characters in a title, Fhant could not add "And Kitsune mimi maids")


Tagging Team


gaming, reading, and watching anime


  • "Whoah wait wait what?"
  • "You can add (Usally followed by a list of tags a user can add to a image)"
  • Ò_Ó
  • "..A catgirl maid is fine too.."



Fhant is the self-proclaimed keeper of the lol, always in for a good laugh on himself or others. He devotes his life to his holy Unity; Sakaki, Yuna and Seong Mi-na. It's still a mystery where he keeps his shrine, rumours are that it's deep inside Kagemaru 's trap closet since he is the only person that saw it in real life and didn't get pushed in by Kagemaru but Fhant denies this fact. Fhant also likes neko mimi maids (both can be separated for more enjoyment) and usally focuses to put on maid outfit on Nine_Lives


Fhant is a 24 year old man born and raised in Holland. He is currently working at a world famous beer brewing company. When he’s offline he usually helps his parents around the house and does groceries or is watching TV, reading a manga/book or drawing.


Fhant’s hobbies are a few but he’s always doing one of them. Next to posting on forums and the ShuuShuu imageboard he is a fantasy writer who only writes for fun and anyone who would read it. Also he’s watching a lot of anime where he sometimes can get confused on what episode of which anime he is watching. Drawing and reading are his minor hobbies that he does once a week.

Fhant's current avatar. The avatar before was Sephiroth Caramelldansen.

Tagging Team

Fhant joined the tagging team on March 11 2009. Thus far he has tagged noumerous old images regarding Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 and new posted images. Fhant usally focuses on the image to see what tags are missing. If the user is online (Or has posted a new image after the to be tagged image) he comments on the image to tag the images with the tag names he provides. Fhant knows that tagging an image can be kind of boring but with the right attitude and knowledge (also with the right music) the task will be easy.

History & Appearances


Fhant joined E-ShuuShuu 3 September 2007, where he immediately felt home. He was brought in by Kagemaru and had found his place among the ShuuShuu members. A few weeks later AngelLily asked for his MSN and thus he felt like he was really a part of the ShuuShuu members. Fhant is usally the main target of Ran's demotivational posters, since he usally get's himself in poses fit for those posters or Ran just might have a secret crush on Fhant, the opinions differ.

One of Ran's demotivational posters.

E-ShuuShuu Forum RP

Fhant joined the Role-play forums on ShuuShuu at 9 September 2007. He had chosen the class of a rogue that used the power of the forest and shadows. Though he was cursed by his former love he had forgotten and was cleansed by Terra Valentine. Upon noticing that he robbed her first kiss from her he atoned for his sin by learning other nature spells and forgetting his old ones. He is now the Apprentice of Terra, learning fire based spells.


Fhant has been seen in 3 ChuuChuu, the relationships chart, "Box of secrets" and "Botch Conversion". In the first chart he was connected to Kagemaru being real-life friends and trap-fan buddies by Fuwari. Though in the revision (made by Ran) Fhant is only linked to AngelLily as her slave with Zachris and Wrexness. In "Box of secrets" Hiromi is wondering why Ran uses Lucchini from Sky girls as an avatar. Fhant thinks and said he has no idea. In "Botch conversion" Ran is talking to Fhant about the Kagamin craze and saying he has an idea. Fhant witnessed the change of all the Kagemin avatar users into Tohsaka Rin. This the last mentioned Chuu's Fhant is in a box, stating he's hiding from the Kagamin craze. Fhant also has been claimed he's been one of the "Over the top" suspects to put Nine_Lives in a maid outfit in the E-ChuuChuu comic "Compulsury Uniform" Ever since V_Phantom made E-ChuuChuu: the gathering and various E-ChuuChuu's, Fhant has been featured in them several times. Also Fhant helps out V_Phantom with making of diffrent E-ChuuChuu: the gathering cards.

Fun Facts

  • Fhant’s name was derived from a typo, because he wanted to call himself Phantom.
  • Fhant is known for his typos and misclicks, he also suffers from a link click disease involving to click every link he sees.
  • Fhant is just as crazy in real life as he is on the image board.
  • Fhant always strives to make people laugh at least once they meet or talk.
  • Fhant is in the E-chuuchuu comics in a box, because he tries to hide from the MSN nappings although stated otherwise in "Botch Conversion".
  • Fhant is astounded at the protection of the beam emitting from Ran's new lolification cannon. He is now wondering if he is safe from Smithy's Kashimashi beam.
  • Fhant stole this from Ran, because he can and he is evil.
  • Fhant thinks, unlike other people that the cake is not a lie.
  • In the E-ChuuChuu "Compulsury Uniform" Fhant is put in the box Lio_Tsuki hides in in the E-ChuuChuu "No place to hide" with a blush added.
  • Fhant does wonder if Lio didn't steal his box and used it to let him take the fall for what she's done.
  • Fhant loves cat girls and maids just as much as his holy unity.
  • Fhant doesn't need to be fed with love unlike the other tagging team members. Just edible non-poisoned food will do fine. And something to wash it down. Something not poisoned or acidic based.