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Hopeful_Encounter (aka Meagan ; Hopey-chii)


  • eternal cherisher (current)


Tagging Team / Wiki Ranger


Watching Anime/Reading Manga, playing video games, listening to music, reading books, obsessing over Disney, smelling flowers/admiring flowers, watching cartoons, taking naps, daydreaming, etc.~


"Yay, magic wand time!"



Hopeful is a sweet, sensitive, and positive young lady. While she can be overly emotional, shy, and sensitive to the core, she can be spunky and confident when the time calls for it. Hopey is known to have a thoughtful, caring heart and tends to wear that heart on her sleeve. She loves to have a good laugh. Her humor is both goofy and sarcastic. Hopeful can be easily offended and hurt, so be careful that you don't hurt her feelings. Despite this, she is quick to forgive and will often act like nothing ever happened (unless you make her REALLY mad). Some of Hopey's bad traits including being stubborn, too serious/too childish, overly analytical, and worrisome.

She has the mind of an adult, but the heart of a child.


Hopeful's hobbies could go on and on, but here are a few to name: playing videogames (mainly for the Nintendo DS/3DS), watching anime, browsing the internet, taking naps during the afternoon (or whenever), taking walks when it's nice outside with her dog Koda, wishing upon stars, spending time with family/friends, watching cartoons (Spongebob SquarePants, Family Guy, MLP: FiM, etc.), reading books/manga, checking out new music, writing stories, quoting things from her favorite movies/shows, watching Disney movies and obsessing over them, collecting Disney stuff, obsessing over favorite anime/videogame couples, singing/dancing when no one else is around, hugging puppies and kitties, crashing through walls with the Kool-Aid guy, skipping through fields of flowers, eating cake, etc.


Hopeful, aka Meagan, is a 21 year old girl who is currently going to college. She's getting her degree in Early Childhood Education. She plans on being either a kindergartner or 1st grade teacher. Hope often spends time with her family; mainly her Mother, Grandma, and two older brothers.

At E-ShuuShuu


Hopeful joined on July 17th in 2009. She cannot remember how or when she stumbled upon Shuu, she had been lurking the site for quite awhile before she decided to join, but she is very glad she did because it has become a fun and delightful place for her. Hopey likes to upload images that contain flowers or angels. Thanks to E-shuushuu, she was introduced to Pixiv, where she often looks for good images to upload onto Shuu. She has uploaded a considerable amount of Kobato, Odin Sphere, and Heartcatch Precure! artwork to the board. Hopey became a part of the Tag Team in early 2011.

Hopeful has made many good friends on Shuu and often chats with many of them on Messenger. Hopey even met her wifey/close friend, Yuna, and is now married to her and her partner in crime. She loves to interact with the members and tries to help/comfort those in need. When adding tags, Hopey waves her trusty magic wand and uses the magic within to create new artists/sources and aliases!

Hopey's Facts

  • Hope's username, Hopeful_Encounter, has a deep meaning to it. Hopefully awaiting an encounter that will bring utmost happiness, love, and goodness.
  • Hopeful is represented by Tifa (FF7) in E-Chuuchuu
  • Hopey is "secretly" a magical girl. ;D
  • Hopeful loves animals, especially dogs
  • Hope loves flowers; sunflowers are her favorite
  • Hopeful has an obsession with Disney
  • Meagan likes to cuddle with her stuffed animals and body pillow
  • An Image containing flowers and an angel = instant fave
  • Some of Hopeful's favorite videogames are Okami, Odin Sphere, the Shadow Hearts series, and the Final Fantasy series
  • Chobits and Kobato are Hopey's top two favorite animes
  • Hope likes to constantly change her avatar
  • Her dream is to visit Disney World
  • She adores Fairy Tales
  • Hopey loves love~ <3