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Main Profile





Run TrapLove.EXE? Y/Y, Lord of the Traps, Certified Trapophile, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Moderator (Didn't fit though)


Moderator Team


Anime/manga (Shoujo themes preferred over shounen ones, any series that features a trap as one of the main characters is also <3), traps (duh XD), playing Go, listening to music (rock/metal, new-age, oldies), moderatin' the E-ShuuShuu board and forum (Wouldn't call that a hobby, but who cares), storywriting/role-playing and a whole lot more!


"I love wearing those as well! ...wait, what?"


Some more facts

- Real name: Tichon van den Elzen
- Homecountry: The Netherlands
- Age: 22
- Date of birth: 15th of May, 1987
- Date of joining E-ShuuShuu: 19th of April, 2005
- Moderator since: 8th of March, 2006


Happy and friendly most of the time. If the situation calls upon him, he can be either very sarcastic and cynical or he can be perverted and completely random. Anger and rage is a rare sight, but you'd best hide when you see it, it's rather explosive. Like, OHSHI-boom. Although you need not worry, he won't show this side of him to those who don't deserve it. If, however, you decide to ignore rules and be a general nuisance, run away, fast. He's always ready to help out, he's a good listener and he's loyal and nice up to a point where he forgets his own desires. He is easily stressed and will resort to

In the real world

He is a 22-year old bi-sexual (He isn't one to really show this though) guy, living in a small town called Sint-michielsgestel in the Netherlands. He works a LOT, he has a group of friends that spread out across the country (and also lots of friends in other countries, but he can't visit those.) and he's an anime/manga geek, as you could've expected. He's rather reserved about his interests in real life, in fear of people that are not familiar with the subject getting the wrong idea or making fun of him.

On ShuuShuu

Hobbies and interests

Work in progress.

Job and school

He has been working at the local Albert Heijn supermarket from June 2001 to present day. Filling shelves, cleaning, helping customers with questions, stacking boxes with products in them on containers, taking care of the vegetables after closing time, etcetera. He's, probably, the one with the most experience walking around on the workfloor, he gives instructions to younger workers and takes care of watching over things when his employee cannot.

He's currently enrolled in the level 4 BOL MBO education course ICT-manager at the King Willem the 1st College in 's-Hertogenbosch.

And the rest

- He has only changed his avatar once, and that was on June 17th 2009. He changed his DOS-tan a few times, every time when a member presented him a cleaner version of his original avatar. Work in progress.