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Main Profile





  • Nana's Knight (current)
  • PowereD's shotacon Lover~
  • Wafflez Soldier
  • An adventurous Girl
  • Don't say lazy ~♪
  • Girl between Autumn Leaves
  • Half-Ghost Girl
  • Go!!Youmu!Go!!


Tagging Team


Listen music, play piano, draw, sing, eat everything that is sweet, hunt yaoi and bishies, fangirling around


"Guys, the chat is dying."



Myu is a cheerful and a crazy girl. Friendly, Myu is always dispose to listen her friends and colleagues and hating to hurt those she loves, she already suffered a lot. Though the low moments in her life, she is always with a smile on her face, looking forward and letting the past behind her. Myu self nominated as the Queen of Yaoi, that's because she has 11GB of yaoi on her computer (some say she has more under her bed) and her manga list at MAL consists basically only of yaoi. Being simple is one of her mottos.


Myu is a 19 year old girl (who actually looks to have 13 or 14 years). Student of cram school, she is trying to enter the public university, to do a Translations course. She never went to an english school, learning everything basically by herself (since she never paid attention and/or slept during english classes at school). Myu likes to learn new languages and wants to improve her english skills. She plays piano since 8 years old and this year she'll be graduating the course. She fights against the world to be the way she is. Myu has also visited AngelLily.


One of Myu’s hobby is anything related to music. She loves to sing, play piano and listening to new kind of songs. She also likes to draw and write stories, poems (she creates everything inside her head, but she’s too lazy to put it on the paper). “Hunt” bishies and yaoi images is one of her favorites hobbies, and for a long time she called herself the "Yaoi Hunter" (though she never used that title at ShuuShuu). She loves to talk with her friends on msn, also going out with them. Play video games, read mangas, watch anime are her hobbies too.

At E-ShuuShuu


Myu joined E-shuushuu on November 8th, 2006. Her first image is a girl wearing bloomers (and now, she would like to have posted another image). At first her english was amazingly bad, but with the time, it improved a lot. She didn't know much about anime and mangas, so she just posted whatever she thought it was cute or pretty. Shuu was the place were she found one of her obsessions, the famous danmaku game, Touhou. For a long time, Myu just posted Touhou images (specially Youmu images) and most of the times a user needed help with the characters, he asked Myu for help. For some time, she and Reon were a famous Yuri couple on Shuu because of their avatars (Youmu and Yuyuko). On March 30, 2007, Myu joined the Tagging Team, adding tags on old uploads. But now she's wondering if she should still remain on the team.

During all these years at Shuu, Myu has learned a lot about animes and mangas, also discovering things she never thought she would like. Shuu was a place were she discovered her two new obsessions, the fantasy band, Sound Horizon and the Vocaloid Kaito. Myu was able to build a place on ShuuShuu, marking some presence, which actually, is something that she doesn't know how. She made many friends and hopes to make many others, while enjoying her fifth year at ShuuShuu.


Myu appeared just in a few chuus and most of the times, something bad happened to her. Her first appearance on a chuu is the one she and December, give trouble to the moderator Fenrir. Due to her obsession for Youmu Konpaku, this character became the one to represent Myu on the chuus, and that never changed so far. Chuus contributed to increase Myu x Reon couple fans, like the Magic Card (though this couple no longer exist) and also for the rumors she has Yaoi under her bed.

Myu or Ryu?

On August 04, 2010, because of Nana's spell to change people genders, Myu turned into Ryu, her bishie gender swap. Ryu's personality is basically the same as Myu, though he's a little more direct on his actions. Nana and Myu think his ability is to make girls go TsunTsun~ (they just don't know if that's a good or a bad thing). Ryu's eyes are for Nana, and he do anything for her. Myu have a theory that he loves Nana, because she was the one to "create" him and she was the first person he saw. But that is just a theory.


  • Myu's favorite color is Purple.
  • Myu has many nicks like Myuu, Mycchan, Myutan, Ma-chan...
  • Myu love knights and swordsmen.
  • Myu doesn't like meganes.
  • Myu like butterflies.
  • Kaito is the character to make Myu like Vocaloid.
  • Myu like to take photos of food.
  • Myu have more than two thousand images of Touhou.
  • Myu loves Sound Horizon and her favorite character is Hiver Laurant.
  • Myu like blue haired bishies (probably because of Kaito).
  • Myu favorite artists are Eri Kamijo and Shiina Nanami.