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Nine_Lives has a list of favorite artists, those being:
Nine_Lives has a list of favorite artists, those being:
* [[Goto-P]]
* [[Nanakusa]]
[[Shingetsu Takehito]]
* [[Shingetsu Takehito]]
[[Suzushiro Kurumi]]
* [[Suzushiro Kurumi]]
[[Tenmu Shinryuusai]]
* [[Tenmu Shinryuusai]]
* [[Tinkle]]
* [[Vofan]]
* [http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=2042 Yusorate]

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Main Profile





  • Nyah Squad~
  • Kitsune Mimi Mode


Moderator Team


Reading, Writing, Gaming, Painting


  • "Donate to the Kitsune Fund!"
  • "Eva stole my money. T_T"
  • "Fuwari is evil..."



Called Niney by most on the board, Nine_Lives started lurking on shuu in hopes of finding cute pictures to show to a friend. She quickly realized the wonder of shuu and found herself a member only a few months after the lurking began. She soon learned how to navigate artist sites and tag well, so that she was made a member of the tagging team on November 2, 2008. She began editing the wiki with yong and eventually became a mod. Nine_Lives is married to wrexness via a glowing rock.


Nine_Lives has crafted and appeared in multiple e-chuuchuus. She first appeared in her own chuus, which detail the Kitsune Fund and the creation of the Anony Fund, along with some random chuus based on real experiences on IRC and MSN. Later, Evangeline created a chuu to steal the Kitsune Fund money, and topzter even drew her into the New Year Chuu. Since then, her dislike for maid uniforms has caused her to be forced into one by someone mysterious.

Kitsune and Maid Uniforms

Nine_Lives is an avid fan of kitsune mimi girls, especially those drawn by Shingetsu Takehito. She uses Saitou Kon, the original character of Shingetsu Takehito as an avatar, and frequently obsesses over the fox girls. Her favorites list mainly contains kitsune mimi girls, green haired girls, or art by one of her favorites. However, Nine_Lives greatly dislikes kitsune mimi girls in maid uniforms; the reason is unknown.

Kitsune Fund

Nine_Lives created this fund to help save the kitsunes from being forced to wear maid uniforms. The purpose of the Fund was to help kitsunes, but since its creation anonymous_object has formed his own Anony Fund to help put the kitsunes in maid uniforms. Nine_Lives eagerly awaits the day she won't have to give Eva protection money anymore and will be able to really make a difference for fox girls everywhere.


Nine_Lives has a list of favorite artists, those being: