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Main Profile



Rock Rabbit


  • Feed you with a kiss ♥
  • Try to follow me
  • ✁_Ars poetica
  • I rεfusε тo εvεr grow up
  • دوست دارم
  • Keine Luft Mehr
  • Talk nerdy to me
  • 나를 믿어봐 내 안에다 너를 맡겨봐
  • Carmen Queasy
  • ✖ Obscene ✖


Boring user


anime/manga, drawing, video games, comics, Japan in general, listening to music, collecting images, tormenting Photoshop, posting on various websites, dancing, sleeping, being lazy, eating sweets


I refuse to EVER grow up!




Species information

A very rare creature. Can be very shy and timid when approached by new and unknown people but can quickly loosen up and befriend anybody. Emotionally attaches to people in just a few minutes, often resulting in being hurt and left behind. Loves sleeping and anything that has sugar in it. Loves bright places, baby animals and laughing. Dislikes mean people. Scared of the dark, thunder storms and bugs. Believes in everything paranormal. Has a hikikomori nature and becomes VERY closed when depressed. Likes to express her affection towards men by beating them up ( "beating someone up" - trying to punch them, ends up being picked up and carried around like a potato sack ) Short. Flat. Eats like a pig but gains no weight. It has been rumored that the Rabbit has a multiple personality disorder. This rumor has been based on the creature's ability to go from sweet and loving to completely berserk. It is yet unknown if the rumors are true and if so, how many personalities does the Rabbit actually have.

Rabbit & ShuuShuu

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