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Main Profile

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Cardmaster! (Lacking Merun's blessing)


Annoying Newb


  • Music, especially Power Metal.
  • Good stories, being on almost any possible format.
  • Playing Videogames.
  • Writing stories.
  • Comedy.


  • "I've been wrong before"
  • "Outside Mecha, I'm pretty much clueless"
  • "Yatte yaru ze!!" [Banned upon Fujiwara Shinobu's promise of leg-breaking]
  • "Life's too short to cry, long enough to try!" - 'March of Time', by Kai Hansen.



He's an overall good guy, even if a bit too loyal to his "Chaotic Neutral" alignment and with a lot of Cloudcuckoolander tendencies.


How did he came to Shuu?!

A member since November 29th, 2008, not even Phantom knows for sure how he ended up in E-ShuuShuu. However there's something certain: Being somewhat sick of having to navigate through lots, and lots, and LOTS of NSFW pictures to find good pictures of cute girls, he rapidly got to like the board's concept and its clean atmosphere. It didn't took him too long to upgrade from Stalker to Regular User.

E-ShuuShuu Shenanigans

Phantom is the self-proclaimed "E-ShuuShuu's Super Robot and Mecha Expert", with extensive knowledge upon a vast amount of series featuring Giant Robots, including most of those ever (or yet to be) featured in the Super Robot Wars videogame series. As such, he won't hesitate to find and point out any possible missing info related to it around the board. However, as he always says, this knowledge comes with a cost, since he's pretty much clueless about anything non-robot related, hindering his abilities as a theorical tag-team member.

Favorite Pictures on Shuu

Always full of contrasts, his favorite kind of pictures around Shuu are quite varied and different among them. A quick look into his Favorite List might not have a lot of sense, but closer inspection reveals certain patterns:

Favorite Tags: In adition to the above mentioned criteria, he also has a list of preferred tags:

  • Animal: He really loves animals, and people who are kind to them.
  • Barefoot: Depends on context, but he really likes girls lacking footwear when used as a expression of innocence and / or carefree attitude.
  • Bike: Specially the motor kind... VROOOOOOOM!
  • Crossover: A good source of awesomeness and hilarity.
  • Eating: Sometimes, not necesarily food...
  • Flower: Not exactly sure of the reason they appeal to him. o_oU
  • Gaming: Geeks love girls that love videogames. 'Nuff said.
  • Genderswap: A tag that scares the heck out of some, but he finds some alternative intrepretations rather amusing.
  • Mecha musume: The "real deal" is plain better, but he also likes some of the most clever ones out there.
  • Megane (Glasses): Ditto on what has been said about Gaming.
  • Mizugi (Swimsuit): Guys like girls clad in swimsuits. 'Nuff said.
  • Scarf: With preference towards the "heroic scarf" kind when available.
  • Uniform: Phantom like girls clad in uniforms. 'Nuff said.
  • Tenshi (Angel): They are supposed to be the highest expresion of purity and innocence after all.
  • Warrior: Self rescuing princesses are just better than distressed damsels. :)
  • Weapon: Girls with weapons can be scary... And awesome!


Using Reality-Bending Image-Manipulating Skills (???), Phantom has created a fair bunch of comic strips, most of them relating his Lulzy adventures around Shuu. On most of these strips, he has been prone to recieve EPIC beatings and even "Cool and Unusual Punishments", (like Kagemaru's Buster Trap Beam) usually as result of his weird theories, ("Anonymous_object is Klein Sandman from Gravion!", "Fhant's Box is a Mobile Suit Weapon") Tempting Fate, ("G-Swap must be INDISCRIMINATED!") and even strippin' a mod. ("It worked just TOO well...")

E-ChuuChuu, The Gathering
Somewhere around the last December 2008's days, Phantom found the awesome original Magic themed cards created by Merun based on the adventures and characters from the E-ChuuChuu universe. Inspired by his idea, Phantom decided to create a couple of cards himself based on his own strips. Thanks to the support and help of the users, he decided to continue with the project for an indefinite time, and even earned the title of "Cardmaster!" from his Lulz comrade, BoomBoomCha. However, Phantom still doesn't considers himself worthy of the title due the lack of Merun's blessing, something that still bothers him nowadays since he just took the mantle without even asking first.

Miscellaneus Facts

  • Do not confound Fhant with Phant. "Fhant = Keeper of the Lol". Phant = "Augur of the Lulz". Oddly enough, Fhant was meant to be the original Phantom... minus the Lulz
  • Like some Mods, he also has a Finisher Technique in the form of his own "Shining Finger" attack, that can be boosted all the way up to "Bakunetsu God Finger". However, lacking the power of a Mod, most of the time this ends up flopping or causing more problems that it is worth of.
  • Being able to survive insane amounts of punishment, Phantom would be an awesome "Blue Mage", a warrior that learns the techniques used against him. However, in his mind he has always been a "Brawler"... Even when his physical strenght is below sub-par!
  • Despite his resistance, V_Phantom has a critical Kryptonite Factor: Soccer ball shots. Even a slight one causes a total molecular reverse that desintegrates him on a explosion of sparkling particules.