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whitekitten1997, WhiteKitten


飯テロ (Meshitero)


Tagging Team, Wiki Ranger





Basic Information

whitekitten1997 joined E-Shuushuu 13th March 2013, with an interest in uploading missing scans of art by specific artists. She later gained interest in uploading other images, primarily Code Geass images, clean Idolm@ster card artwork and Japanese/Korean romance novel covers.

Tagging Team

Kitten became a member of the Tagging Team 3rd April 2019, tidying up a variety of sources, including Code Geass, The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls and the notorious Fire Emblem. Takes on projects that are way too big for one person, including trying to add Pixiv child tags to all artists that require it.

Kitten never wants to hear the words Fire Emblem ever again.


Kitten became a Wiki Ranger 15th December 2019, motivated to delete the thousands of bot-created spam pages, updating many pages to be relevant to E-Shuushuu as it is now and creating useful pages such as the Tommy Walker Artist Category page and a complete list of theme tag pages.


As of April 2020, Kitten is a 23 year old who was born and lives in England. She graduated university with a BA in English Literature.

Previous Avatars