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Main Profile



wrexness, wrex, wrexy, wretchu, wrechuruya


Muchi Muchi Monster


Regular User


Anime, manga, video games, computers


"When will you learn? Genders don't matter on Shuu."


E-Shuushuu Persona

wrex seems to have emotions that fluctuate wildly. One moment he may cling and cuddle with others, the next he may get into a stabbing fit. In large part, this depends on with whom he's speaking. His "violent" side only comes out when in the presence of rude or ignorant people (a.k.a. anonymous_bakas). Otherwise, he's very affectionate and cuddly.

RP Forum

Shortly after joining the E-ShuuShuu forum, wrexness became a regular in the RP section of the message board. Initially he had only one character, wrex, a black magic user based on a character he had created and developed years previous when he first got into online roleplaying. Over the summer, Terra Valentine gave him permission to introduce his second primary character, Mika, who is the red headed, white magic using sister of wrex.

In the the fall of 2007, Tavernknight, the original second GM, had left the RP Forum because he lacked time for it because of real life. MBF, Tavernknight's replacement, also left the RP Forum of his own accord some months later in late spring of 2008. At that point, Terra Valentine decided to leave the appointment of the next GM to the roleplayers. After a week-long poll, wrexness was elected to take the position, and since then he's stabilized the once turbulent position.

Among changes he's implemented are a cleaned up character application process, the reimplementation of time within the RP thread, and the spinoff thread: Journey to Wisdonia.


wrexness' claim to fame is the frequency with which he changes his avatar character. He has used more characters in a shorter time than perhaps any other regular E-ShuuShuu denizen.

List of avatars used to date

Listed in Chronological order from first usage

Yomiko Readman
Akane Serizawa
Ibuki Fuko
Chisame Hasegawa
Arima Senne

Current avatar

Arima Senne


After graduating from college with his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, wrex left his mentally and emotionally draining job working tech support to hopefully greener pastures as a Database Administrator. He primarily works on a Sybase database, although he will also have to be able to work on Oracle 10g as part of the company's cross-training policy.


When not working, wrex enjoys taking naps, watching anime, reading manga and playing games. He also enjoys writing computer programs for fun. He is most experienced with C++, but he's also used Java, Visual Basic, and the OpenGL library for creating computer graphics.

Figure Collection