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Main Profile

Yuki IRL.png




  • Reporting for Duty!
  • Lost in my S.a.n.i.t.y
  • The Red Devil's Guardian
  • 好きになっていいよ?
  • Treat me like a Princess!
  • His Knight in Candy Armor


Tagging Team / Wiki Ranger


Reading, Drawing, Shuushuuing, Hetalia-ing, Cooking, Singing, Gaming, Protecting her Prince~, Glomping At-chan, trying to not be a loli and attract pedos, Being mean and sarcastic to unliked people : D


"I need more sleep.. orz", "Nee~ Nana-nee! Can I get my whip now?~", "No touchy the ahoge! >///<", "Lol. I've become so much more sinsiter and sarcastic. Not that I mind.", "WHAT IS THIS? I DON'T EVEN."



When Yuki first joined shuu, she was very timid and talked seldom at all on the boards. Nearly 2 years later, she is now louder and speaks her mind (sometimes when she shouldn't) about her opinions. If something bothers her, she'll straight out say it, not holding back at all. She has a thick coating of sarcasm and is somewhat sadistic (as her friends call her in real life) but despite that, she's actually pretty nice once you get on her good side! Yuki, as strange as it sounds, had a pretty eventful past with many bad and good things that influenced her to become the person she is today. She always tries her best and always is able to put a smile on her friend's faces if they're down, even if she can't put one on herself.


Yuki is a 15 year old girl (who gets mistaken as 12 or younger very often) who always puts too much stuff on her plate at once. She's in her second year of high school and is already crammed to the brim with tests, essays, an AP class and with marching band practice. Despite the hardworking girl she is, her parents are never pleased, which cause her to be overly stressed all the time and hardly get a wink of sleep. Yuki, surprisingly, still is able to function every day of her life as if she's fine, learning to put a mask over her sad face, and even with hardly any sleep at all. In reality, she's lost and doesn't know how to cope with her problems, and just carries out her day with a bright smile on her face, sometimes, hoping things will get better.


Yuki's hobbies involve a lot of literature and music. She loves to write her own literature on her free time and sing. She plays the clarinet for about 3 years now, and played the piano for nearly 7, but dropped it and is slowly teaching herself how to play it once more. Yuki loves to just lay down and sleep, (since she hardly does that) and cuddle up with her stuffed animals. She's greatly interested with astronomy and science, and enjoys reading about the facts. Of course, as any other anime fan, she reads manga, games and watches anime on her leisure time.

As for drawing, she absolutely loves expressing herself with art. She gets inspiration from her favorite artists on pixiv, and mostly, her friends who draw much more better than she does. She created her own comic series called Bucket of Creativity which is still starting to grow since it recently started. That certain comic series stars her own original characters, and every comic to come is based off of some sort of experience or fun thing that happened in real life.

At E-ShuuShuu


Yuki actually lurked around for quite a long time before finally deciding to register at shuu. She found shuu through a slideshow of images on youtube, linking to shuu about where they found their images. Yuki (at this time, very young, maybe around the age of 10), quickly became attached to shuu and used it for her own growing reference site to teach herself how to draw anime styled. Later on, she decided to finally register on November 01, 2008. She quickly discovered upon pixiv and started to flood images from there, and then Nine_Lives introduced her into artist tagging and the shuu wiki, as she quickly got the hang of it, she then requested to become a tagger. Her request was then granted on March 10, 2009. From then on, she works hard to make sure every image (that is linked properly) gets tagged as accurately as possible.

Being on shuu, she quickly became part of the community and checks by regularly with her new friends she had made there. She discovered many types of animes/mangas/games that grew onto her, and being on shuu helped her become more outgoing herself! (How great is that?)


Yuki, being a crazy tagger and artsy, introduced her very first chuu about the "Wiki Rangers", taggers who are fairly accustomed to the wiki. (Dressed in maid outfits and color coated just like the Power Rangers!) Though, she has stared in other chuus as well, for example, being swallowed by Fhant for dressing up in her Maid uniform, equipped with neko mimi. (This chuu here) Complying to AngelLily's request of an chuu crossover with Durarara!! Yuki complied with many days of hard work to finish her chuu crossover, due to her hardwork, she had received her very own artist tag.

Her chuu avatars consist of Taiwan from Axis Powers Hetalia and Mairu Orihara from Durarara!! Though, she likes to switch off with any sort of long black haired girl as her avatar from time to time as well.

Fun Facts!

  • Yuki totally stole this template from Myu. 8D
  • Yuki's absolutely in love with Shizuo Heiwajima, Ace, Mikuo Hatsune, America, Korea, [insert other APH characters here]
  • Yuki has strange love for bishies with longish hair (not too long!) and knight-like figures
  • Yuki loves the color blue
  • Yuki has a crapload of nicknames she goes by on shuu: Yuki2.0, Yuki4.0 (skipped 3.0), Yu-tan, or just plain ol' Yuki
  • Yuki loves yanderes. She probably is one herself.
  • Yuki does own a cleaver and a machete in real life. BEWARE.
  • Yuki has an inferiority complex, she dislikes being ignored. Greatly.
  • Yuki is procrastinating as she makes her bio~ <3
  • Yuki is a tumblr and twitter addict.
  • Yuki2, her actual username was originally Yuki♥, but she could not log into the forums and contacted the admit, anony. He then changed her username because that silly little heart wasn't allowing her to enter onto the forums. That, was the birth of her name.
  • Despite her loli-like appearance. She can cut you. D<
  • Yuki has a love for Vocaloid songs, especially covers.
  • She's in love with clear's covers and stalks his blog.
  • Yuki has a tenancy to say "I WILL MAKE THIS CHUU" and forget about it later since she's so busy.
  • She's pretty good at RPing.
  • Don't hurt Bambam; Yuki is his Knight in candy armor and she will cut you. ewe