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JP Name:

Alt Name(s):

  • Venus in Paradise
  • Venus Idol Project


Trading Card Game


On Shuu:


Basic Information

V.I.P is a Japanese illustration collection trading card game featuring 'beautiful girl' illustrations by popular artists. The series began in 1998 under the name Venus in Paradise. In 2002, the game became Venus Idol Project[1].

Additional Information

  • An official To Heart 2 version of V.I.P was released in 2007.
  • Some illustrations were reused in the V.I.P edition of AXIA's Chaos Trading Card Game.


Venus in Paradise

  • '98 Winter
  • '99 Summer
  • '99 Winter
  • '99 Adult[2]
  • 2000 Summer
  • 2000 Winter
  • VIP Final (2001)
  • VIP Memorial (Reprints of 27 original characters)

Venus Idol Project

  • Rare Selection 2002 Summer
  • Rare Selection 2002 Autumn
  • Rare Selection 2002 Winter
  • Rare Selection 2003 Summer
  • VIP Tribute: Galaxy Angel Edition
  • Rare Selection 2004 Summer
  • VIP Tribute: Galaxy Angel Selection
  • VIP Tribute: Aquaplus Edition (2004 Winter)
  • Rare Selection 2005 Summer
  • VIP Tribute: Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku Edition
  • Rare Selection 2006 Summer
  • Rare Selection 2006 Winter
  • Rare Selection 2007 Summer
  • Rare Selection 2008 Summer
  • Rare Selection 2008 Winter
  • Touhou Kenran Shuufu -VIP Tribute 2010 summer-
  • Rare Selection 2010 Winter (Lingerie Themed)
  • 2011 Winter: Mahou Shoujo Edition

Official Spin-Offs

Contributing Artists

'98 Winter

'99 Summer

'99 Winter

'99 Adult

2000 Summer

VIP 2000 Summer

2000 Winter

VIP Final


  • あかやまゆきへ
  • あさいいちこ
  • 甘露 樹
  • 飯塚武史
  • 伊藤洋行
  • イトカツ
  • うらべすう
  • 大槻弘子
  • 岡野史佳
  • 香川友信
  • かどつかさ
  • 神崎正臣
  • 喜多尚江
  • きむらじゅんこ
  • 桐沢しんじ
  • 空鵺
  • 桑原ひひひ
  • 根須魂介
  • さなづらひろゆき
  • 珠梨やすゆき
  • 庄名泉石
  • 田口まこと
  • つちやきょうこ
  • 土代昭治
  • 戸橋ことみ
  • なかむらたけし
  • 夏野 すいか
  • ねりわさび
  • 原田将太郎
  • 広江礼威
  • 藤枝雅
  • フジヤマタカシ
  • へっぽこくん
  • みつみ 美里
  • 水上広樹
  • 宮城靖朋
  • 源久也
  • 森山大輔
  • 矢野たくみ
  • 山本 京
  • 夢唄
  • 夢路キリコ
  • 横田 守
  • 蘭宮 涼

V.I.P Memorial

All reprints.

2002 Summer

  • 園田未来
  • たわばあべし
  • 雌老虎
  • ねりわさび (Neriwasabi?)
  • 白米玄 (Hakumai Gen?)
  • 橋本慎一
  • 聖 雅人 (Hidiri Masato?)
  • 間垣良太 (Magaki Ryouta?, but not spelt Magaki Ryouta (間垣亮太))

2002 Autumn

2002 Winter

2003 Summer

VIP Tribute: Galaxy Angel Edition

2004 Summer

VIP Tribute: Galaxy Angel Selection



VIP Tribute: Aquaplus Edition

Official Artists

The official Aquaplus artists drew exclusive artworks for this set.

V.I.P Aquaplus Edition

VIP Artists

2005 Summer

VIP Tribute: Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku Edition

2006 Summer

2006 Winter

2007 Summer

2008 Summer

2008 Winter

2010 Summer

2010 Winter

2011 Winter

Official Books

(Official doujinshi containing rough sketches)

Official Figures


  1. Before 2002, it gets a little confusing and I have no official information. However, since they celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2008, they likely began in 1998; this means they are probably the same series as VIP Venus in Paradise (though these cards are branded with ColleCarA, rather than Axia). Watanabe Akio's artbooks show illustrations from VIP '98, VIP '99 and VIP FINAL, so it would also make sense considering the artist works on Venus Idol Project. The dates of release would also match up. The 'Official Book's also look very similar, with Suruga-ya listing them under the same company name. I can't find information on this either, but it's enough for me to believe it's of the same source. Any information would be appreciated.
  2. VIP Final was released in 2001, before VIP Memorial and after 2000 Winter, but I am unsure when '99 Adult was released; the official book groups the images with '99 Winter, and the illustrator list is on the same official page, so they may have been released at the same time.
  3. I couldn't find the other three original illustrations for the trading figures on E-Shuushuu.
  • There are translation errors of artist names on the V.I.P Final cards. Some have the name order swapped over for the English, some do not. Some are also missing spaces in the romanised names, etc. Some just translate using a different method to ours. The artist names on here are as they are on E-Shuushuu when applicable, having been translated from the lists on the V.I.P website.

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