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Comic Party

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Basic Information

Comic Party (こみっくパーティー) is a Japanese visual novel. The game is illustrated by Amaduyu Tatsuki, Mitsumi Misato and Nakamura Takeshi. Images from the visual novel and original anime adaptation use this tag. The source is a parent tag to the sequel to the anime adaptation, Comic Party: Revolution!.

Additional Information

  • Characters appear in Lycèe Trading Card Game.
  • Characters appear in V.I.P, the trading card game, in the Aquaplus Tribute set.

Tagging Information

  • Only images from the visual novel version are illustrated by the original character illustrators, not the anime or fanarts.

Visual Novel

Character Artists

Anime Adaptation

Official Illustrators

This is an incomplete list of artists on shuu that are responsible for the official artwork. This may be required to identify Kanji names on official scans. Ordered alphabetically.


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